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The SOC of the Future: From Patchwork to Platform

Recorded: June 10, 2021

Vivienne Suen
Cybersecurity Architect, CCSP
IBM Security

Vivienne Suen is a cybersecurity architect with over 15 years’ experience advising IBM customers and partners on IT solutions and strategy.  A passionate, innovative, and entertaining storyteller, she has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences and user groups.

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What could the SOC of the future look like?  As we continue to struggle with siloed data, heterogenous tooling, and increased pressure for quick detection and response, security teams need solutions that can deliver rapid and actionable insight.  All of this is now within reach with the IBM Cloud Pak for Security, a ground-breaking security intelligence and analytics platform.  Join us as we demonstrate our latest advances in unified threat management and operationalised security, regardless of where your security data resides.