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Work 2.0 – Facing New Realities as the World Returns to Work

Recorded: June 4, 2020

Rick Fasino
Director Employee Experience - Americas

Rick Fasino is a Director in VMware’s Employee Experience solutions group, and brings 25 years of experience in technology solutions to engage employees, including executive leadership roles. Along with his degree in Marketing, he is a certified Biblical Counselor with over 10 years of crisis counseling experience. He leverages this blend of experiences and education to assist clients in using technology to make their organizations great places to work.

Recorded: June 4, 2020
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In this session, you will hear about the global trends resulting from COVID-19 that are driving organizations to rethink how and where work happens. You will also learn about technologies that can help you both Return to Work and provide digital experiences to engage a Distributed Workforce.

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