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Kubernetes with Red Hat OpenShift

Recorded: June 2, 2020

Recorded: June 2, 2020
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Are you hearing about Kubernetes and don't know where to start learning about it? Join Steve and JJ as they take you from soup to nuts on the basics of OpenShift, Red Hat's Kubernetes platform. This session will have lectures interlaced with live demonstrations. We'll start by covering Kubernetes' principles, pivot to deploying a Node.js application with OpenShift, then wrap up by looking at OpenShift's approach to logging and monitoring. We'll also lightly cover more advanced topics such as Code Ready Containers, and Operators, and point attendees to a platform that offers access to an OpenShift environment so they can follow along.
This session is intended for a beginner-level audience.

Steve Martinelli
STSM, Developer Advocacy
IBM Cognitive Applications

Steve Martinelli is a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) at IBM. He has worked as a software developer in many different organizations of IBM, from WebSphere, to Open Source, and now focused on Developer Advocacy. As an avid technologist, Steve can be found tinkering with various technologies, from Kubernetes, to OpenWhisk, to Watson AI. Steve can be seen obsessing over using Python to automate the most tedious tasks, writing helpful documentation, and helping his peers become more productive and successful. Steve has spoken at various conferences such as the Open Infrastructure Summit, CASCON (the Centre for Advanced Studies Conference), Viva Technology Conference, and the Cloud Identity Summit. Steve is a co-author of Identity, Authentication & Access Management in OpenStack, a book published by O'Reilly Media in 2015.

JJ Asghar
Developer Advocate
IBM Cognitive Applications

JJ Asghar works as a Developer Advocate representing the IBM Cloud all over the world. He mainly focuses on the IBM Kubernetes Service and OpenShift trying to ensure companies and users have a successful onboarding to the Cloud Native ecosystem. He’s also been known in the DevOps tooling ecosystem and generalized Linux communities. If he isn’t building automation to make his work streamlined he’s building the groundwork to do just that.

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