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Conference starts in:
   Ottawa | June 18

Symposium Session Details

Office 365 Backup | Why You Need to Back Up Office 365 Data Sources ?

Type: Vendor Session
Tuesday June 12
9:00am to 9:45am
Location: 106 B

  • Description

    If your employees (including you!) never make mistakes; if your security is 100% buttoned up and nothing is getting in; if your employees never leave; if you have never had (and never will have) a disgruntled employee and your Apps will never do anything they are not supposed to do - then you do not need to back up your Office 365. However, if you are like the rest of us, then you NEED Office 365 Backup ! The truth is, cloud apps such as Office 365 just aren’t built to provide full backup and disaster recovery capabilities. Granular data, such as an email, document, or spreadsheet, can be lost foreverif a user accidentally deletes, infects, or overwrites it. Office 365 Backup can provide peace of mind with lifetime retention —because you can be certain your SaaS data is safe from any type of disaster.

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