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iTech Community Monthly Draw!

On the last day of each month, the iTech team will draw one name out of the top 20 leaderboard participants.

*prizes not exactly as shown (no cash value, no substitutions)

To be eligible to participate in the leaderboard program, you must have “I would like to be included in the networking tool” set to YES in your profile.

  • Visit an Exhibitor: 1 point per exhibitor

  • Chat with a Booth Rep:  10 points per exhibitor

  • Emails an exhibitor:  5 point per exhibitor

  • Download an Exhibitor File: 4 point per file

  • Click on Exhibitor Website: 3 Point per exhibitor

  • Click on Exhibitor Survey: 5 point per click

  • Update Your Profile Image: Earn 7 points

  • Attend a Sponsored Session: 7 point per session attended

  • Watch exhibitors video: 4 points per video

  • Request a Meeting with Exhibitor: 10 points per meeting request